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Iron Fish is building an L1 blockchain that makes privacy in crypto approachable and easy to use.

Layer 1/Layer 2 Protocols


Iron Fish

Iron Fish is making crypto private and accessible for everyday use.

We do this by using shielded transactions and zero-knowledge proofs, while also developing an improved user experience with a full end-to-end product. Our L1 network is in testnet, already supporting 20,000+ users and doing 200,000+ transactions/day. We are moving quickly towards a mainnet launch and building out a talented and motivated team to support this effort!

Hiring Priorities

Engineering, Marketing, Cryptography

Investment Profile

Series A $30M raise


a16z, Sequoia, Electric Capital

Founder(s) Background

Elena Nadolinski - Founder & CEO. Elena was born in Russia and moved to the United States after second grade. She received a degree in computer science from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She previously worked in Microsoft and Airbnb as a software engineer, before starting Iron Fish.

About their Office

Headquarters: San Francisco | Offices in: New York and Orlando

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