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Highlight offers no-code tools and infrastructure to help creators and artists provide utility to their NFT projects, design and mint NFTs, and connect with their most loyal fans and collectors.




We are on a mission to build the world's best tools for creating community around NFT projects, and deepening connections with both web3 native and mainstream audiences.

Our initial toolkit is the easiest way to create an NFT-powered membership community, and future tools will be equally ambitious. We emphasize simple and powerful UX, elevated design UI, consumer-grade engineering, and an inclusive and mission-oriented culture. Headquarted on the Internet, our team comes from Block, DoorDash, Instagram, Amazon, and other leading companies.

Hiring Priorities

Full-stack Engineer, Senior Blockchain Engineer

Investment Profile

Seed $11M raise


Haun Ventures, 1kx, A.Capital, SciFi VC, Floodgate, Thirty Five Ventures (“35V”), Offline Ventures, DAOJones, Mischief, Polygon Studios, Coinbase Ventures, WME, Method Music, Mark Gillespie (Three Six Zero), Chris Zarou (Visionary Music), Scott Belsky, Tarun Chitra, Robert Leshner, Lenny Rachitsky, Gokul Rajaram, and Linda Xie

Founder(s) Background

Nat Emodi - Co-founder & CEO. Prior to building Highlight, Nat helped lead the Caviar business at Square and DoorDash. He also invests in early stage startups and advises growth stage tech companies. Nat is passionate about building scalable businesses around new ideas. His experience is in growth strategy, business development, data-driven decision making, and leading and developing high-performing teams.

Kevin Matthews - Co-founder & CTO. Kevin specializes in managing large, cross functional engineering teams in high growth environments. Before Highlight, was an engineer in Square, Action Factory, and Mav6, and was a former founder at various companies.

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