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dYdX is the world's leading decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies.




dYdX is the developer of a leading decentralized exchange on a mission to build open, secure, and powerful financial products.

dYdX runs on audited smart contracts on Ethereum, which eliminates the need to trust a central exchange while trading. They combine the security and transparency of a decentralized exchange, with the speed and usability of a centralized exchange.

Hiring Priorities

Engineering, Product, Design, Growth, Business Development, Research, Finance

Investment Profile

Series C $87M raise


a16z, a16zcrypto, Paradigm, Polychain, BainCapital Ventures, Kronos, DeFiance Capital, Hashkey, Dragonfly Capital, Craft, Kindred Ventures, Scalar Capital, Sixtant, 1C, Starkware, Rocktree, Electric Capital, CMS, GSR

Founder(s) Background

Antonio Juliano - Founder & CEO. Antonio is the founder and CEO of dYdX. Prior to founding the company, he was a software engineer at Coinbase, Uber and MongoDB. He also currently serves as an advisor at Magic Eden. Antonio graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Computer Science.

About their Office

New York, San Francisco and Remote

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