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Dune lets users create data charts and dashboards on metrics such as DEX and NFT trading volumes.




Dune is on a mission to make crypto data accessible by building a novel data product combining a bleeding edge data platform, analytics tools and community destination.

Dune is currently a fast growing team of ~30 building a beloved product that's bringing the ethos of the open finance space to the data layer. They've made access to this data easily readable and coupled it with a powerful analytics tool, all directly accessible for free on their website. This means that anyone can look at human readable data from the blockchain and turn it into dashboards with informative charts in a matter of minutes.

Hiring Priorities

Head of Engineering, Engineering Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Technical Writer, Product Designer

Investment Profile

Series B $72M raise at a $1B valuation


Multicoin Capital, Dragonfly Capital Partners, Coatue, Redpoint, Union Square Ventures, CoinGecko

Founder(s) Background

Fredriks Haga - Co-founder & CEO. Fredrik is the co-founder of Dune, an all-in-one destination for blockchain data based in Oslo, Norway. He fell into the crypto rabbithole in 2015 and has only gone deeper through the years from interest, to full time job at Schibsted Media Group to founding a Dune Analytics. Besides crypto he's interested in music despite being tone deaf and an avid freestyle skier.

Mats Olsen - Co-founder & CTO. He attended Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Previously he was a Senior Data Scientist at Schibsted Media Group.

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